A Guide to Faux Privacy Fence in 2021 – expandablefauxprivacyfence
A Guide to Faux Privacy Fence in 2021

A Guide to Faux Privacy Fence in 2021

April 10, 2021

Best 2021 expandable faux privacy fence

Hiding your fence involves making choices, and sometimes compromises. Should we focus on the visual aspect or the functional? Go for a cheaper and simpler solution or a more expensive and sophisticated solution? 

With a classic installation or a facilitated installation? The answers belong to you but we still thought that we could first do a "sorting", a selection that we consider the most important when choosing a privacy fence.

Want a flashy fence that is disconnected from nature? Not great for your personality. However, you should be looking for a little originality to dress up your exterior. Be aware that authenticity and originality are not necessarily incompatible, provided that these two elements are properly measured. A natural and unique expandable faux privacy fence is possible! 

How to decorate your fence according to the natural spirit?

Not easy to achieve a fence with a natural spirit, among all the possibilities available to you! We guide you in your choice of fence, so that your exterior does not look like that of the neighbors, but also so that you feel at home in your cocoon.

Choose trendy fence colors: woody shades

For a privacy fence with a Natural atmosphere, make way for vegetable textures! From light driftwood type wood to more exotic colors, all shades of wood will match your exterior; as long as they appear natural, (we, therefore, avoid shiny finishes for example).

If you want less conventional but just as effective, mineral shades can also be perfectly integrated into a Natural decoration.

Decorative slats with Exotic and Plant motifs

Do you want to go even further in the staging of your garden by bringing a real decorative touch? Then decorative artificial English ivy vine fence is for you. In various sizes, there is something for all tastes and all budgets. 

Green leaves for a holiday-like fence, with patterns reminiscent of large pebbles for a more mineral rendering, decorate your fence with decorative flowers that you like…. You can alternate panels with patterns and panels entirely in composite, or choose to place a decorative plank per panel. It's all up to you!

Focus on sobriety

Would you like to differentiate yourself from the fence of your neighbors, but indiscretion? The two are not mutually exclusive! The proof with this perfect example of an elegant fence by its color close to natural, with its little touch of originality. 

Why does it work? The expandable faux green color fence ranks among the standards. Little risk of making mistakes for taste!  Its little bonus: the artificial English ivy vine hanging plants sublimates the final result, always in sobriety and finesse.

Fun but a refined fence

Thanks to the decoration of green leaves, enough to bring the singular and playful character to your fence. With this style of fence, you will never fall into the "too much", by betting on sober and classic colors.

The expandable faux fence will appeal to as many people as possible

Where is the fence? In any case, it blends perfectly with nature but also an elegant style! The colors of the expandable faux ivy fence really give a feeling of naturalness, close to vegetation, and above all class. 

An all-purpose fence? Certainly yes! You stand out without falling on the other side of the fence.

A natural-style expandable privacy fence

For a more neutral breeze, but which blends well into a natural atmosphere, opt for the green in woody colors. By randomly mixing ivy leaves with an expandable fence, you will obtain a result that breaks the contemporary linearity found in garden panels, and which goes wonderfully with a green garden.

A faux ivy leaves fence with a Modern Strict style

Do you like straight lines, strong color contrasts, and very contemporary renderings? Here is a project that should please you: To obtain an effect that emphasizes the contrasts, each panel has been fitted with a strip without groove at the top and bottom, to create an illusion of a frame. 

The woody color of the fence and the green leaves of the fence stand out perfectly to recall the contemporary style of the house.

How to give color to your fence?

You certainly enjoy life to the fullest and it shows even in your fence! And you are right: this fence, all in all, standard color at the base, is totally enhanced thanks to the decoration of green leaves. 

This expandable fence with leaves is totally in the “Fusion" style. With this closing decorating, your home will overlook the neighborhood, but in elegance. Who said that a fence has to be classic?

The big plus of the expandable faux ivy privacy fence is its small, efficient format which makes it possible both to perfect a very decorative and graphic fence, as well as to bring a small subtle touch of color to remind you of your outdoor furniture. To be placed at the top and/or at the bottom of your fence posts, it comes in a beautiful palette of colors, from the most neutral brown to the most natural green color. 

Sing Affecting is launching a large number of new products that respond to a desire to offer decorative atmospheres that meet the desires of as many of you as possible! For this, a wide range and decorative accessories in many colors to further customize your composite wood terrace, expandable fence, or garden gate! Today discover the Natural style and all the keys to make it yours!

Your privacy fence is a lot like your car: they both have to meet certain practical needs, yes. But they also reflect your personality: colors, design, style; we immediately discover a small part of you through both of them by looking from the outside.

Your expandable faux privacy fence is also a long-term investment: it is difficult to make the right choice that will delight you for many years to come. But once the fence is in place, how can we make it evolve according to our desire, our tastes, and perhaps even according to the seasons?