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Making the Most of Your Garden with Faux Privacy Fence

Making the Most of Your Garden with Faux Privacy Fence

April 10, 2021

Beauty Your Garden with Faux Privacy Fence

With the arrival of spring and the good weather, it is time to fine-tune the common spaces of the neighborhood community. 

It is time to address the issue of the fencing of the garden and pool.

Of all the available options, the expandable privacy faux fences are the most modern, fast, and elegant solution. In addition, its design and distinction add value to your property, while ensuring a long life.

There are indeed other solutions, such as planting hedges, but these take time to grow.

Fences are an essential factor in the aesthetic result of a house with a garden. It works as an area divider, security system, protects the privacy and is also the business card of your personality to outsiders.

The expandable faux fence with leaves is ideal for gardens with a minimalist European aesthetic. Its sober and modern green color makes it possible to highlight the different shades of green of the vegetation, providing a touch of sophistication.

Easy installation

Another positive point is its easy installation of these expandable privacy garden fences, given in part by being a very light material. You do not need works, since they are installed easily by hand to the ground.

Without maintenance

One of the greatest advantages of PVC over other materials such as wood is that it does not need maintenance, which means that it is not necessary to apply varnishes or any other protective treatment. As for cleaning, it is very simple, just with soap and water to remove dirt.


A very positive factor is the safety of this material. Being a polymer, it does not splinter, so it does not cause damage. This is very important if you have children, since, in a way, we can not worry.

The expandable fence with leaves protects the home from the outside gaze and ensures the privacy of this intimate space, relaxation, and family life. In addition, they constitute a resistant physical barrier, which prevents any type of intrusion within the perimeter of the house.

In more humid and rainy areas, where it is possible to enjoy a garden with more vegetation, you can opt for more expansion of the expandable ivy leave faux fence that allows light and air to pass through it.

Placing hanging lights or lanterns along the fence is a great way to add some sparkle to a dull fence. It is of course also a way to light up your backyard for great outdoor entertaining. Or to watch over pets or children playing outside late at night. It just gives your garden that touch of personality that a simple privacy fence lacks.

An expandable fence with leaves will make you feel like you are truly out in the country, enjoying the little things in life while maintaining a modern vibe. 

Next time you're home, take a quick look around your garden. Is there a fence? If there is, does it appear to be in good condition? Maybe it is, but then ask yourself this: does it live up to your standard?